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Chapter 1 | No wonder everyone is ill

Refined foods are wreaking havoc on our health and our homes, robbing us of happiness and peace.

Chapter 2 | Refined Foods & Constipation

Refined foods are a major cause of constipation and constipation, in turn, is a major cause of many serious illnesses.

Chapter 3 | Refined Foods & Hyperactivity

The average school lunch and the average school tuck shop are doing a terrible disservice to our children.

Chapter 4 | Junk Foods & Malnutrition

Junk foods cause malnutrition. Malnutrition has many serious negative affects on both the body and the mind.

Chapter 5 | Junk Foods & Cancer

Junk foods contribute to the development of cancer, and it is high time that "medicine" accepts this fact.

Chapter 6 | Fundamental Concepts of Cure

Everything in life is governed by laws - and there are immutable laws that govern health prevention and recovery.

Chapter 7 | The Ultimate Proof

The ultimate proof is not found in laboratories, or test tubes, or in equations, but in real life experience.

Chapter 8 | The Nature and Purpose of Disease

Our acute diseases serve a lifesaving purpose, and many a life has been lost because of ignorance on this point.

Chapter 9 | Orthodox Medicine's Ultimate Mistake

Once we understand the nature of disease, we will realize why modern "science" is not always scientific.

Chapter 10 | The Sure Road To Recovery

The first step toward health recovery is to stop doing whatever made us ill in the first place. This is a hard lesson for some.

Chapter 11 | The Healing Crisis

When we understand the nature of disease, we will appreciate that sometimes we need to get ill in order to get better.

Chapter 12 | Dentistry's Biggest Blunder

Of all the medical mistakes ever made, silver mercury dental fillings must surely rank as the most tragic.

Chapter 13 | Don't Lose Your Mind To Psychiatry

If we are suffering from any kind of mental disorder, psychiatric therapy may be precisely what we do not need.

Chapter 14 | The Truth About Germ Infection

Is disease caused by germ infection, or are their precipitating factors that promote infection?

Chapter 15 | How to Beat Viral Infection

The best defense against viruses is a strong healthy immune system - not antibiotics.

Chapter 16 | Nature's Way Lifestyle Guide

These natural remedies are the key to preventing and to overcoming any illness. They will never let you down.

Chapter 17 | Nature's Way - Vital Substitutions

These simple substitutions will help you to add life to your years and to add years to your life.

Chapter 18 | Super Foods For Super-Good Health

These dietary hints will help you to boost your energy levels and to balance your body chemistry.

Chapter 19 | Wonderful Detoxifiers

Detoxification lies at the heart of any healing program. Here are a number of very effective detoxifiers.

Chapter 20 | Closing Thoughts

Concluding thoughts from the author, plus a number of special links that should be of benefit to you and to yours.