Wonderful Detoxifiers

Activated Charcoal Charcoal is a unique substance in that it attracts poisons to itself. Use only activated, granulated charcoal. Excellent for digestive upsets, to neutralize toxins in the body, for sore eyes, and for application over stings and bites.
Flushing The Bowels Any time you are feeling sluggish, and your bowels are not functioning as they should, consider flushing the bowels. Simple treatments include eating prunes, drinking prune juice, or taking a mild herbal laxative. Better results will be obtained from an enema. Excellent results will be obtained from a professionally administered colonic irrigation.
Psyllium Husk Powder Psyllium addresses the cause of constipation and promotes natural bowel function by supplying a highly mucilaginous natural fiber. It is an all-vegetable product that is stirred into water and taken one hour before meals. A must in every home. Speak to your nearest health food stockist.
Intestinal Flora If you have been experiencing prolonged bowel troubles then you might want to consider taking intestinal flora orally. Mercury, as in dental fillings, is known to alter the characteristics of our natural intestinal flora. Speak to your nearest health store or naturopath.
Sauna Any apparatus or activity that promotes sweating is a valuable aid to detoxification. Saunas promote elimination through the skin, they activate the white corpuscles in the blood, and are a great aid to overall vitality.
Anti-Oxidants Anti-oxidants are free-radical fighters and are indispensable in our polluted world. Always make it your first choice to get your antioxidants from natural food sources - then resort to supplements.
Hot Baths Hot baths promote cleansing in many ways. They promote sweating through the skin, elimination via the lungs, and they stimulate the white corpuscles into action against foreign intruders.
Hot Tub Baths Hot tub baths utilize high temperatures and ice packs and are a wonderful aid in health recovery. They should only be administered under the direction of trained personnel.
Exercise Exercise is of such importance that it bears repeating. Exercise promotes lymph drainage, sweating through the skin, and elimination through the lungs. In our polluted world, exercise is not an optional extra.
Skin Rub After a hot bath always rub the skin vigorously with a clean towel or a loofah sponge or brush. This brings the blood to the surface, brushes off old skin, and generally promotes healthy skin. Launder and sun-dry your loofah regularly.
Massage Massage is a wonderful aid to detoxification and health. Lymph massage is especially beneficial. This is a subject that is worth studying. Visit a health hydro for a real treat.
Fasting Fasting is never really pleasant, but it is a wonderful way to give the system opportunity to detoxify itself and to regain its energies. Start with a water only fast for one day. The next time extend this to two to four days as your condition dictates. If you have any medical condition, fasting should only be done under medical supervision. Extreme discomfort can result from backed toxins attempting to leave the system.
Fruit Diet When we are feeling out of sorts, a fruit only diet for anything from one to four days is often all that is needed to restore wellness. Use only the best fresh fruit. Drink lots of the best water available in-between meals. Expect a healing crisis.