The Self-Administered Enema

The following is a good and easy-to-follow procedure for a self-administered enema. While an enema is a rather personal procedure, help from a third party will certainly make it somewhat easier.
Whenever you take an enema for the first time, always take three enemas in a row on the first day and then one enema each day for at least a further six days. If your bowels are moving, then you will want to use the enema soon after evacuation. Take a shower and wash the anus well before and after the procedure.
As mentioned above, enema cans are available from most chemists. Use the good old-fashioned jug and speculum type enema apparatus rather than the modern atomized or suppository type alternatives - which really only work as laxatives do - by irritating the bowels - and which can cause serious dependence.
PLEASE NOTE: The speculum is the nozzle portion of the enema apparatus (containing a tap) that is inserted into the anus.
1. Close the tap on the speculum and fill the enema can with warm water.
2. Hang or place the enema can at least three feet above the body (if you are going to be lying on the floor, the basin cabinet will serve this purpose).
3. Open the tap on the speculum to let the air out of the tube - then close the tap again.
4. Grease the entire length of the speculum nozzle using Natural Soap, olive oil or Vaseline and, using your finger, apply a liberal amount of the chosen lubricant to the mouth of your anus (yes, you can do it).
5. Place a thick towel (or large towel doubled over) on the floor and lie on this.
6. Turn onto your back and lift your feet onto the toilet seat - get yourself comfortable - with your feet on the toilet seat and your knees bent at ninety degrees.
7. Still lying on your back, gently insert (wiggle) the speculum about half an inch into the anus. The speculum usually inserts into the anus at an angle that is parallel to the spine. Now, holding the speculum in place with the one hand, open the tap on the speculum with the other hand.
8. The pressure of the water running into the anus will clear the way for the speculum to be fully inserted (about 6 to 7 centimeters). Using only gentle pressure work the speculum back and forth (gently wiggle it) with the fingers until it slides easily into the anus.
9. Once the speculum nozzle is fully inserted, turn onto your left side so that the descending colon is more easily filled and wait as the warm water runs into your colon. While lying on your side use the fingers of your free hand to deep massage the left side of your stomach (descending colon). The urge to evacuate is normal and should be resisted until you can resist no more. Once the urge becomes too strong, close the speculum tap, remove the speculum, sit on the toilet seat, and allow Nature to empty your bowels.
10. Repeat the above procedure until you have taken in and eliminated at least one whole can of warm water.
11. The first time you use the enema try taking in three cans of warm water in stages and then evacuate this water in stages. DO NOT TRY AND TAKE IN THREE CANS AT ONCE. Let your reasonable comfort/discomfort be your guide as to how much you can hold each time before evacuating.
12. Once a good proportion of the water in the can has run into your colon, and you find that the urge to evacuate can be resisted (this will not usually happen during the first treatment), remove the speculum and, without first evacuating, shift the body into a head-down position. Now massage across the top of the stomach with your fingers while in this “praying” position. The water will run into the transverse colon and the massage will help to loosen foreign matter that may be lodged in the colon. Having done so, lie on your right side and massage the right side of your stomach (ascending colon) with your free hand. By moving into these positions you have helped the water to traverse the entire colon and you will have promoted a more effective flush. Having completed the flush, remain on the toilet seat for some time until your bowels have fully emptied themselves.
I have known a treatment such as this to overcome the common cold within one hour. Sometimes you can actually see masses of mucous that have been eliminated. The enema did in minutes what the cold would otherwise have had to do over a period of days or weeks (which only goes to prove that the cause for most ailments can be traced to the bowels.)
Always examine the toilet bowl after each evacuation. You might see little black “buttons”, long stringy “threads” that have taken the shape of the sacculations in the colon, and even black, hard matter being eliminated - the more you are able to massage the colon during the enema the more likely you are to see such matter. This is a good sign.
Once again, we wish to discourage you from becoming dependant on laxatives and treatments that aid bowel function. Your primary goal is to regulate your diet and lifestyle to the point where laxatives and enemas etcetera are no longer necessary.
If you are struggling with constipation, we strongly recommend that you visit this link. To read more about the dangers of constipation, please go to this link.
Good luck, good health, and may God bless you.