Super Foods for Super Good Health

Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts, seeds and Grains In their fresh (unfrozen, un-canned) state, these are the foods that our bodies readily recognize and thrive on. Use fruit, vegetables and grains liberally. Use nuts and seeds sparingly. Do not overcook vegetables. Always cook grains for at least an hour. Oat Bran is highly recommended. Barley Bran is recommended in winter for the aged.
Beverages While there are a number of caffeine-free beverages on the market today, we should not rely on such beverages. Hot drinks are addictive and debilitating. For best health, nothing beats water - taken in-between meals and not together with meals.
Bread Bread really is the staff of life, but it must be produced from 100% unrefined flour (preferably stone-milled). Your bread should be free of hydrogenated fats, and the baking pans should not have been lined with lard (pig fat). Hunt out a baker who produces such bread - or bake your own. Home-baked, 100% whole wheat bread turns a house into a home.
Breakfast Just as we do not fill our cars after the journey, but before, so we should make sure that breakfast is the most natural and nourishing meal of the day - for it is breakfast that gives us energy for the day. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper.
Cereals Avoid cereals that are made from refined products and that are loaded with sugar. Your cereal should be made up primarily of wholegrain products and should be sweetened with fruit, date jam, liquidized fruit, natural or organic honey or fructose. Because you only have one life, insist on the best. We recommend Muesli, Granola, Unprocessed Oat Bran, De-husked Millet Cereal, Molasses Bran (to be added to cereals, porridges and soups), Miracle Mixes and all-natural Super Cereals.
Date Jam This is the most healthy and tasty way of preparing a jam for spreading or a syrup for sweetening cereals and porridges. Prepare by boiling dates in sufficient water to cover the dates - then mashing or blending the dates together with freshly-squeezed orange juice (optional) in a ratio of 6 parts dates to 1 part juice. Keep refrigerated.
Fruit ecause prime crops are being exported, and because of unnatural methods of cultivation, good fruit is becoming difficult to come by. Search out the very best green grocer - one who focuses on quality rather than economy. Restore natural sweetness by sprinkling a little fructose (not sugar) over fruit. Do not bulk-buy fruit or vegetables.
Fruit Juices If used at all, fruit juices should be used sparingly - even if they are freshly squeezed for immediate consumption. Generally, fruit juice contains too much sugar to be consumed any more than occasionally, and then only in small quantities. Always take a glass of water before or after taking any juice. Water is Nature's thirst quencher and wonder cleanser. Use it liberally.
Main Meals Main Meals should always be made up of a meatless main dish and either a raw salad and/or two or three vegetables. Your salad and/or vegetables should always make up at least four fifths of the meal.
Miracle Seed Mixes Scientists the world over are hailing the benefits of natural foods, and especially seeds. Buy a pre-mix or prepare a mixture of linseed (flax seed), sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds. Dry mill this mixture in a blender or coffee mill - only mill for your immediate needs. Serve as a delicious cereal together with milk or soya milk and honey, date jam or fructose. Use the milled mix to boost the nutritional value of soups, stews, other cereals and salads. Nature's Choice supply a number of wonderful seed/nut/cereal combinations under the names Gourmet Muesli Crunch, Wonder Crunch, Gourmet Wholefood Granola, Seed Cereal, and Miracles Plus (Seed Mix).
Nutritional Supplements Thanks to unnatural methods of cultivation and food processing, supplements are sometimes necessary. But you still need to make every effort to obtain optimum nutrition from food - and/or to get the nutrients that you are deficient in from an appropriate food source.
Super Cereals These are made up of any combination of nuts, rolled oats, bran, wheat germ, and edible seeds. This mixture can be dry-milled and used as per Miracle Seed Mix above, or the required amount can be soaked for 1 hour or more and served as a cereal together with chopped banana, milk or soya milk and honey or fructose. Super Cereals must be stored in the refrigerator.
Porridges orridges should always be wholegrain porridges. Avoid the pre-cooked "quick" variety - they leave you hungry by 10.00am. Highly recommended are millet, sorghum, oatmeal, oat bran, barley bran, maize meal, rice flour, or combinations of grains. Adding milled or crushed peanuts to porridge will improve the protein value. Always prepare porridges with a minimum of liquid (1 cup grain to 3 cups water), simmer them for almost an hour, and always serve them together with something chewy such as nuts or sunflower seeds.

`During World War II there was a meat shortage in Denmark. So the Danish government based the national diet on whole grain and bran bread, barley porridge, potatoes, greens and dairy products. The Danes emerged from the war with improved health. The death rate fell by 40 per cent in one year. When they returned to their meat-centered diet, mortality rates from circulatory diseases went up again to their pre-war levels.' (Dr. Michael Sharon, Complete Nutrition, p.180)