No More Illness

100 ◄ Previous Page Home Next Page ► Chapter Index If you are convinced that your discomfort is caused by an acute eliminative effort of Nature, then I urge you to seriously consider the following. This material is not intended to be prescriptive. It is supplied for your information only and should be discussed with your naturopath or your health-conscious, nutrition-oriented physician. As far as health recovery is concerned, Dr. Jensen tells us that . . . Toxaemia [impurities in the blood/system] and enervation [lack of bodily energy] are the two stumbling blocks to overcome in dealing with the elimination of disease from the body. xxxvii In simple terms, when we are ill, there are two objectives that demand our undivided attention . . . • Maximizing our energy levels, and . . . • Minimizing the level of impurities in the system. Professor Arnold Ehret, author of The Mucousless Diet System (p.53), gives us the exact same advice, but he presents it in the form of an equation. I have taken the liberty of adapting his terminology better to suit the needs of this book. Physical Health = Bodily Energy minus Bodily Impurities