No More Illness

107 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Chapter 11 The Healing Crisis As you work at strengthening and cleansing your body, your system will regain its vitality. Then, as your vitality improves, your body will sense that it finally has the energy and the ability to engage in certain housekeeping tasks that it never quite had the vital reserves to perform in the past. As the naturopathic writer, George Teasdale, tells us, . . . By the time a man reaches forty years of age living on a civilized diet, he may have stored away in his body upwards of twenty pounds of mucous. When he discontinues the intake of catarrh forming foods, the life forces within him commence to break down and eject this large accumulation of virus. xxxix And just how will the body “eject this large accumulation” of virus / mucous / impurities? By way of a cold, a cough, sneezing, short-lived skin blemishes, etcetera. What this