No More Illness

108 ◄ Previous Page Home Next Page ► Chapter Index means is that just when most people would think that they should feel better than ever before, they might just find themselves experiencing a sudden upsurge in the frequency of their acute ailments - but only for a short while. As Dr. Jensen explains . . . In the Nature Cure way of treating [disease], a discharge that is dormant in the body may again become active, and the patient may become alarmed, but when nature is cleaning house she stirs up latent, encapsulated conditions that will gradually eliminate themselves through the bloodstream and the eliminative organs. In the process of cleansing, Nature is breaking down the stored-up toxic material that has developed in the body from the use of drugs, vaccines, injections, and generally bad living habits. Those who do not understand nature’s way of ridding the body of toxins through a discharge, do not understand that when a drug is given to suppress this discharge, they are interfering with nature’s way of ridding the body of toxic waste. The elimination of toxins by the body is referred to as, “the Healing Crisis.” xl Once we understand the true nature of disease, those who wish to improve their health will understand that a short spell of suffering might well be unavoidable. In fact, the healing crisis is often a rocky path that we simply have to climb if we wish to reach the summit of good health.