No More Illness

111 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Hints & Tips At first the Healing Crisis may sound like a cruel quirk of Nature, but once we understand the true nature of disease, and how the body, in its all-wise economy, is always looking for opportunity to cleanse itself, and how it will only do this when it has the vital reserves to carry it through, we come to realize that there are times in life when we have to suffer a level of “sickness” in order to get well. Quite simply, we cannot expect to get well for as long as excessive toxic impurities are backed up in the system - and very often the only way that the body can eliminate this encumbrance is through the “friendly” process of acute “dis-ease.” Hence the wise advice of George Teasedale: We need to `be patient with Nature, even though her efforts at house cleaning are disagreeable. By persistent continuance in well doing the body will be cleansed of its toxic accumulations and the discharges will finally and permanently cease. xlii Under normal circumstances, wisdom, perseverance, and sometimes a few natural remedial agencies, are all that may be needed to help our systems to recover from a healing crisis. At such times there is usually no need for alarm for, as Dr Jensen assures us, . . . It takes a reserve to go through a healing crisis, and the body will not produce a crisis unless it is able to go through with it. xliii