No More Illness

113 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Chapter 12 Dentistry’s Saddest Mistake Whatever I have written thus far was gleaned from personal study and experience over a twenty year period. My initial motivation for studying into this matter being a desperate need to recover my own health. With time, I was greatly benefited by what I had learnt and by what I applied. I will always remember a specific period of about seven years when I achieved a tremendous level of mental and physical vitality - those were truly great, super- productive and wonderfully enjoyable years - years that found me organizing health seminars and talks all over my country, years that found me running up and down mountains at the age of forty-plus, years of incredible mental clarity, years during which I enjoyed a remarkable sense of peace and well-being. Sadly, those good years did not last. Despite my excellent diet and lifestyle, my good health and great feelings slowly started leaving me. Though I explored every avenue in an