No More Illness

114 ◄ Previous Page Home Next Page ► Chapter Index effort to discover the cause of my decline, I could find no answers. Eventually I reached a point where I could no longer go to work, where I could not sleep for more than three hours a night, where concentration became a real effort, where I could not deal with even slightly stressful situations, where mymemory failedme continually, where depression held me in its cruel grip, where I had a strange longing to die (for no apparent reason), and where any kind of social engagement beyond my immediate family put me under tremendous pressure. Where in the past I had loved lecturing and mixing with people, I literally reached a point where I felt that I would have to become a recluse. Then, three years after it all started, and a small fortune later, a friend just happened to lend me a book that described the symptoms of mercury poisoning - and they matched my most prominent symptoms perfectly. Seeing that I had one and a half teeth in the back of my mouth that had been built up with silver/mercury amalgam - probably the equivalent of 20 to 30 average fillings - this certainly was a possibility worth investigating. Thus I began a period of intensive study that culminated in a request to my dentist to remove all the silver/mercury restorations from my mouth. Somehow he managed to persuade me that the precautions that I suggested were not necessary and, as a result, I swallowed a large proportion of the drilled out and vaporized mercury amalgam. Little did my dentist or I realize at that point in time that what I was swallowing was the most poisonous,