No More Illness

115 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Hints & Tips non-radioactive substance in the world - even more poisonous than arsenic . Now my troubles really started, and now my symptoms really became serious. In fact, I literally started dying by degrees. In desperation I searched the internet, I read every book I could lay my hands on, and I contacted everyone I could locate who had some experience with mercury poisoning, A specialist in heavy metal toxicity even remarked that if it were not for my healthy lifestyle and diet I would most surely have become as mad as a hatter. (Hatters used to suffer a high incidence of insanity caused by the mercury used to make animal fur into felt for hats - hence the expression – “as mad as a hatter.”) Eventually, in a very poor physical state, not having slept properly for five years, I landed up in Mexico, where Drs. Huggins, Morales and associates removed all possible sources of toxic poisoning from my mouth - including metal based crowns, three root canals - all three of which were infected, - and a number of cavitations. (Cavitations are hidden holes within the gums. They come about when a tooth is extracted in the routine “tug-and-leave” fashion - without removal of the ligament surrounding the tooth. This cavity in the gum is known to become the dwelling place for some of the most toxic anaerobic bacteria known to man.) Within one week of this extensive oral “clean-up,” my nerves stabilized, the depression left me, and my energy levels improved tremendously. Within two weeks I was back at work, and even enjoying it. It is now three