No More Illness

13 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► With this introduction behind us, let us dig a little deeper into this matter by considering a few of the major ailments that evidence-based research has positively linked to the use of refined foods – these being . . . • Constipation, • Malnutrition and • Cancer. As we consider each of these ailments, it is not my intention to present you with an exhaustive study on any one topic, but to demonstrate that refined foods are a major causative factor in many of the ailments that are sweeping our civilized world - not only ailments of a physical nature, but even some of a social and a mental nature. The technical director of a local milling machine supply company once shared with me his conviction that food refining “is all one big hoax.” The sad truth is that this big hoax is causing havoc in our systems, heartache in our homes, and intense suffering throughout society. When will man ever learn that we cannot take apart what God saw fit to put together - without causing suffering? When will “so-called science” ever concede that there is no alternative to the superlative plan of Nature?