No More Illness

139 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Instead of... Rather... Using refined table sugar Sweeten drinks with fructose or xylitol. Sweeten cereals with home-made date jam (see over), or fructose or honey to taste or, wherever practical, dried fruit such as raisins, sultanas or chopped dates and/or banana. Using margarine and common cooking oils Most margarines and common oils are hydrogenated. Use natural cold pressed oils that are also cold processed. Or use fresh cream in recipes instead of oil. Use butter sparingly. Using white rice or white flour products Use brown rice and wholegrain products such as wholewheat flour. Use stone-milled, unrefined grains for porridges. Use wholefood cereals such as muesli, granola and miracle mixes (see over). Using refined, preserved, sugary, junk foods Become wholefood-aware and make every effort to find a stockist who carries a wide range of wholefoods. If it is true that you are what you eat, then you owe it to yourself to eat only the very best. Using fried foods Bake, grill, boil your food. Do anything but fry your food - especially in hydrogenated oils. Oils used more than once for frying (as in popcorn vendors) are especially suspect. Using margarine Use mashed avocado, or whipped cream, and/or a natural, preservative-free spread. Use butter sparingly. Using sugary jams and preserves The sugar concentration in these products is far too high. Find a stockist of St Dalfour or some other brand of sugar-free jam. Using fried chips or fried potatoes Par-boil cut chips or potatoes, rub them out fairly liberally with a little cream or natural oil, place them in a baking dish or pan, and oven-bake them at 180°C until they are golden brown. Delicious. Lying down or relaxing after meals Get into the habit of taking a short brisk walk after every meal. This is a great aid to digestion and to overall vitality. Taking liquids together with meals Take Liquids at least 30 minutes before meals or 3 hours after meals. Liquids taken together with your meal will dilute your digestive enzymes and thus hinder digestion. Three meals a day Try two meals a day if you are one who is not involved in heavy manual work. Those who are ill should try this - you will be amazed. Spending lunch- time indoors Make a point of getting outdoors at lunch-time. Get away from your work environment and think about anything but work. Sleeping with your windows closed To repeat: Fresh air is as important to your body as petrol is to your car. Sleeping with closed windows is a form of slow suffocation and a terrible stumbling block to those who desire optimal wellness. Install burglar bars and/or fly screens in your windows if you must. Cooking at high temperatures Learn to cook everything at the lowest temperature possible. Heat destroys the nutrients in food. Boiling vegetables Rather steam them. Vegetable steamers are inexpensive. Using aluminium pots Use glass pots, pans and baking dishes - wherever possible. Vision Ware is highly recommended. Nature’s Way - Vital Substitutions