No More Illness

34 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Hints & Tips Germs and Viruses One of our most precious “light-bulb” moments came our way when we finally understood and accepted that . . . A disease does not exist of itself. It is not an entity but a condition existing in an individual. It is not brought about by germs any more than garbage is brought about by flies . Where there is something that attracts flies, they will swarm there. When there is a physical condition that invites germs to multiply, then like the flies, they go there to multiply. xi As the renowned Louis Kuhn tells us, . . . Whenever the matter which is settled in the abdomen begins to ferment, bacilli [germs] develop of themselves in the system; they are the product of fermentation, and likewise disappear when fermentation ceases and the system is restored to health, that is, when the process of fermentation retrogresses. It is, therefore, idle to speak of infection through bacilli, in some mysterious manner, without the presence of foreign matter in the system. The question is not how to kill the bacilli, but rather how to remove the cause of fermentation, the foreign matter. This done, these little monsters which have caused such terror to timid minds, vanish as a matter of course. xii