No More Illness

35 George Teasedale puts it this way: Germs will thrive and multiply only in organs and tissues that are degenerated through malnutrition, or that are highly saturated with systemic poisons. Rid the house of their food and the pests that infest it will disappear. xiii We all know that if we were to leave a plate of food in a dark warm place for a few weeks, it would most assuredly ferment and attract germs. Yet we seem to have such difficulty understanding that when we choose to use refined foods, and we become constipated as a result, we are creating a situation where our food could well remain lodged in our colon (which is a very dark and warm place) for weeks and even for years. Do we believe that these food residues within us will not attract germs? “Understanding,” therefore, is our best defense against germs, for without a right understanding of this matter, we would live as we please, eat as we please, and then spend our livesmaking war on germs and other symptoms. Knowing that germs are only attracted to decaying matter, however, the wise will regulate their diet and lifestyle and will seek by every means possible to keep their systems clean and healthy. By so doing, they will also be ensuring that their immune systems will be well able to resist any threatened germ or virus invasion. As Dr. Harry Benjamin tells us, . . . Home Hints & Tips Table of Contents Next Page ►