No More Illness

36 ◄ Previous Page Home Next Page ► Chapter Index If a person is absolutely clean and wholesome inside, then no germ disease of any kind can arise within the system. It is only in those whose systems are unwholesome inside that such diseases can develop. Whether the disease originates spontaneously or through contact with others does not matter in the least. xiv When “struck” by “germ infection,” let us ever remember that the germs are not attacking us - they are merely doing what Nature intended for them to do, for . . . Germs are everywhere. They are as widespread as air and moisture. They are as important as oxygen and carbon-dioxide. All are parts of a beneficial scheme of Nature. Germs reduce dead and dying organic matter back to its organic constituents suitable again as nourishment for plant life. xv Next time we are down with a cold, therefore, let us not curse the germs, even if they are the Hong Kong variety, or the Mexican variety, or whatever variety. As Dr. William Howard Hay is reported to have stated, . . . Colds are not caught; they are created with the feet under the dinner table, and in no other way.