No More Illness

37 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Chapter 3 Refined Foods and Delinquency The school textbooks of yesteryear have given some the idea that malnutrition is largely a Third World problem, yet this is far from true. While people in First World countries may not suffer from hunger as do those in Third World countries, and while the physical effects of malnutritionmay not be as immediately noticeable in First as in Third World countries, the truth is that the modern- day Western Diet, made up as it is primarily of refined, convenience foods, is hopelessly deficient and, as such, it is a major cause of many disorders and discomforts. Most of us, when confronted with the idea of malnutrition, usually think along the lines of deficiency diseases such as rickets and beriberi - yet science is only now beginning to realize that many other ailments are linked to malnutrition. Here again, sometimes these afflictions are of a physical nature, but, as the following rather convincingly proves, sometimes they can even be of a social nature and/or a mental nature.