No More Illness

50 ◄ Previous Page Home Next Page ► Chapter Index faulty diet will lead to a disordered bloodstream, yet few are willing to accede that a disordered bloodstream can lead to a disordered mind. As one writer tells us . . . In order for the brain to be healthy the blood must be pure. If by correct habits of eating and drinking the blood is kept pure, the brain will be properly nourished. xvii In simple terms, therefore, healthy food makes healthy blood, and healthy blood makes a healthy mind. This is why the enlightened physician will always take into account the patient’s diet and blood chemistry when seeking to remedy any ailment, and especially those of a “mental” and/or emotional nature. Some time ago a clinical study appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reporting that people who ate too many refined carbohydrates exhibited neurotic tendencies. Personality changes seen in this population, particularly among adolescents, included: sensitivity to criticism, poor impulse control, frequent irritability, hostile behaviour, and a tendency to anger easily. Other features were: sleep disturbances, including restlessness, night terrors, insomnia, and walking or talking in one’s sleep; chronic debilitating fatigue; depression; recurrent fevers of unknown origin; abdominal and/or chest pains; and headaches.