No More Illness

54 ◄ Previous Page Home Next Page ► Chapter Index There is a suspicion growing in the minds of scientists with special knowledge of food and the brain that people are becoming very gradually more stupid from one generation to the next, because they are eating more highly processed and chemicalized foods. xxi Insatiable Appetite One of the most common effects of malnutrition is what is generally referred to as an insatiable appetite. This affliction is not usually associated with malnutrition and, as a result, millions of people suffer from guilt feelings because they believe that they were chosen by fate to be the gluttons of our world. Yet in the case of those who eat to excess, the cry of the appetite is not always a cry for more food; it is all too often a cry for more nutritious food. Day in and day out, the system tries to convince the mind that it is not being satisfied by the quality of food that is being eaten, yet this cry is seldom interpreted correctly. As a result, the unfortunate individual locks himself into a vicious cycle - indulging more and more in that kind of food that can only satisfy the appetite less and less. The reader is invited to put this claim to the test. After a breakfast of refined corn meal you will notice that you will be starving by mid-morning - and so it will be every time you eat such a breakfast. Now do yourself a favour and purchase a packet of whole-grain corn meal from your local health store. You will notice that by substituting the