No More Illness

55 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► unrefined product for the refined product, your appetite will be well satisfied right on into lunch time - and this from day one. From years of experience we have established that an insatiable appetite is usually just a desperate cry from within. It is the cry of the system telling us that human life simply cannot be adequately sustained on a diet that is made up primarily of white bread sandwiches, oil- soaked French fries, sugar-rich cakes, greasy burgers, sweet chocolates, and fizzy cold drinks. Skin Problems When considering cosmetic treatments, we must bear in mind that the body sheds at least one layer of skin a day. This means that no matter how beneficial our cosmetic treatment may be, we are only treating skin that we are destined to shed in the next day or so. Thus we can better appreciate why it is that the dictionary definition of the word Cosmetic reads – “Decorative or superficial rather than functional.” ( Heritage ). If we really are serious about having good skin, the obvious thing to do is to seek to nourish the skin from within rather than from without. By doing this, we can rest assured that every layer of skin will be adequately nourished from the moment that it is formed. There is nothing wrong with using a natural skin cleanser now and again, but we should bear in mind that the state of the skin, as with most else in the body, is determined