No More Illness

56 ◄ Previous Page Home Next Page ► Chapter Index by the state of the blood. In other words, good, healthy, clean blood will make good, healthy, glowing skin. This being the case, those who are sensitive about their skin, and about their health in general, will do all in their power to ensure that they have good blood . . . • They will appreciate that water is the great cleanser of nature and, as such, they will use pure water as the primary means of quenching their thirst rather than tea, coffee, or cold drinks. They will avoid taking liquids with their meals as this practice dilutes the digestive juices and thus seriously hinders digestion. • They will not ignore their daily need of spending time outdoors - either exercising, relaxing, or working in the garden. • Their diet will be made up largely of natural unrefined foods that are free from preservatives, added sugar, hydrogenated oils or fats, and added chemicals. Fresh fruit, raw salads, whole grain products, and steamed vegetables will feature prominently in their diet. • They will always rub their skin vigorously with a soft cotton towel after a hot bath. Natural fabric body brushes (loofah’s) are available for this purpose. • As far as possible, they will seek daily to deep-cleanse the pores of the skin by taking a sauna or by doing some exercise that promotes perspiration.