No More Illness

65 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► This is why a statement recently issued by a team of internationally renowned scientists is of special significance. This team was composed of such scientists as Sir Julian Huxley, first director-general of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization; Sir Rudolph Peters, former president of the International Council of Scientific Unions; Dr Jacques Monod, Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine and the new director of the Pasteur Institute of Paris; Dr Jacques Trefouel, the outgoing head of the Pasteur Institute; Dr Hugo Theorell, another Nobel Laureate in Medicine, director of biochemistry at the Nobel Institute in Stockholm; Dr Raymond Paul, president of the French Medical Society; Dr Rebecca Rainsbury, assistant editor of the British Medical Journal , and Dr Peter Beaconsfield of the Royal Free Hospital in London. All warned against the effects of our present-day unhealthful practices . They stressed the harm that results from the “ internal pollution ” brought on by drugs, chemicals, the wrong kinds of food and wrong living habits, and warned that an entirely new approach is needed if mankind is to be saved from continuous deterioration and maybe even total extinction. The findings of these scientists were published in the Swiss scientific journal, Experientia , and as I kept thinking about their conclusion, I could not help realizing how close this comes to what the natural health movement has been stressing all these years. It reiterates that the only way we can save ourselves from cancer or any of the other serious or life-threatening disorders is