No More Illness

66 ◄ Previous Page Home Next Page ► Chapter Index by changing from our present-day unhealthful living habits to a healthful way of living . It also reiterates what some of the most noted authorities in health education have constantly been emphasizing, namely, that internal cleanliness is the basis of all health . The seriousness of this disease cannot be minimized, and it may take some time before we get to understand all the facts that contribute to its onset. It should be apparent, however, that the best protection against its development is a way of living and care that keeps the body in a healthy condition . But even where the disease has already made its inroads, our best hope for its remission or control lies in the adoption of the regimen that I advocate to prevent its onset, provided the body’s healing powers have not yet broken down to the point where a reversal is no longer possible. This has been demonstrated in my own practice as well as in the practice of other physicians who are using this approach in the management of this disease. Dr Max Warmbrand xxiv