No More Illness

67 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Chapter 6 Fundamental Concepts of Cure If all that is stated in Dr Warmbrand’s article is true (see previous chapter), and I sincerely believe that it is, then we can better appreciate why it is that medical science is unlikely to discover a miracle cure for cancer – or, for that matter, for any disease. For as long as man continues to sleep with his windows closed, to over-indulge in luxuries, to live on denatured foods, to eat to excess on flesh foods, to ignore his need of sunlight, exercise and rest, to expose himself to undue stress, and to believe that lifestyle and diet have little or nothing to do with illness, there will never be amiracle cure for any ailment. Simple logic assures us that no chemical or therapy can force the body to recover for as long as our habits of life continually weaken our immune defenses, fill the body with toxic impurities, promote constipation, and leave the system hopelessly malnourished.