No More Illness

7 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Chapter 1 No Wonder Illness is Epidemic It is a well-known and tragic fact that in the formulation of the great majority of today’s processed food, the primary considerations of the manufacturer are taste, mouth-feel, appearance, shelf life and profit. Sadly, the all-important considerations, these being the nutritional value of the product, and the effect that the product will have upon the wellbeing of the consumer, are not always given the attention that they deserve. This sad oversight has resulted in the proliferation of very attractive, very tasty, very long-lasting food products that have as their main ingredients, refined sugar, highly refined grains, and highly refined, hydrogenated fats. Whatever else is included will usually amount to little more than a wonderful combination of chemicals that are used to preserve the product, to enhance the flavor, to improve the color, and/or to modify the texture.