No More Illness

79 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Hints & Tips Choice products, and from those who have read our books. Even today, as I work on the expanded edition of this book, a lady spoke to my son and asked him to pass on her thanks in that “the information in this book had saved her life.” And the beauty of it all is that it involves no expensive medicines, no agonizing diets, and no radical treatments . . . The Nature’s Way program is a logical program and it is a “comfortable” program in that it suggests simple substitutions rather than prohibitions. Your meals will look the same, and they should taste as good as ever. All that will have changed is that you will have gradually substituted better ingredients, habits and cooking methods for unhealthy ingredients, habits and cooking methods. We are a family who love food as much as any other family, yet we have discovered that we can eat heartily of the tastiest foods without sacrificing our health. We have yet to find any restaurant that can beat mom’s food for that essential combination of taste, appetite satisfaction, good sleep, and good feelings the day after. The appraisals received from all who attended Nature’s Way seminars and who have tried the recipes surely prove that healthful eating can be delicious eating. Yet the Nature’s Way program is not just a diet, but a lifestyle. There is nothing radical or fanatical about any aspect of the program. The fact that it works, speaks