No More Illness

82 ◄ Previous Page Home Next Page ► Chapter Index slightly differently but, for the sake of this exercise, the following interpretation will suffice. Please study Figure 10. carefully. Reading from top to bottom of the table, you will notice that these stages of disease progress from the less serious, less deep-seated manifestations which, if treated correctly, are usually relatively easy to overcome, to the more serious, more deep-seated manifestations which are life-threatening and which are usually most difficult to overcome. Until such time as we again refer to this table, our discussion will focus primarily on the acute stage of disease - namely, on our colds, boils, pimples, coughs, fevers, etc. Please take special note of this fact . In a very general sense, Nature Cure teaches us that in the great majority of cases we bring our acute ailments upon ourselves . . . Figure 10 The Categories of Disease Acute stage Colds, boils, pimples, coughs, fevers, etc Sub-acute stage Influenza, bronchial disorders, etc Chronic stage Hay fever, psoriasis, pneumonia, etc Sub-chronic stage Asthma, diabetes, etc Degenerative stage Cancer, gangrene, emphysema, etc