No More Illness

86 ◄ Previous Page Home Next Page ► Chapter Index The process of acute disease is one which actually saves life. It enables the body to cleanse itself of dangerous excesses of impurities that the depurating organs (lungs, bowels, bladder, skin, kidneys, liver) have been unable to eliminate in the normal way. The situation has become one in which the body is full of filth (toxins) and so the body must seek some way by which to throw it off, or death will ensue. The most usual way is by means of a fever - a burning up, a feverish cold, etc. These processes are produced by the body in an effort to purify and soothe itself. If the purpose of disease were universally understood from this standpoint, it would quickly loose its terrors, and instead be regarded as a friend in disguise. xxx We have seen so many people benefited when they stopped using drugs to suppress their acute ailments, and we have seen so many others severely handicapped through the unwise and ongoing suppression of those same acute ailments, that I can only urge the reader to consider the remainder of this book in a very serious light. As I hope to prove to you, the interpretation of the role that our acute ailments are intended to play is not just a matter of opinion. It could well be a matter of life and death.