No More Illness

87 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Chapter 9 Orthodox Medicine’s Most Tragic Oversight While many people are hailing the so-called advances of science and the claimed breakthroughs of modern medicine, it is more than obvious that medical science is not winning in the battle against disease for, despite the many widely publicized “advances,” and despite the many impending breakthroughs (that never quite materialize), people today are more seriously ill than ever before, and the situation is certainly getting worse. As Dr. Alexis Carrel tells us . . . Although modern hygiene has made human existence far safer, longer, and more pleasant, diseases have not been mastered. They have simply changed in nature. The organism seems to have become more susceptible to degenerative diseases , but we must still die and we die in a much larger proportion from degenerative diseases . The years of