No More Illness

88 ◄ Previous Page Home Next Page ► Chapter Index life which we have gained by the suppression of diphtheria, smallpox, typhoid fever, and so forth, are paid for by the long sufferings and lingering deaths caused by chronic infections and especially by cancer, diabetes and heart disease.’ xxxi Yet this ever worsening situation is not at all surprising to proponents of the Nature Cure philosophy. For many decades they have sought to help the orthodox medical/ drug establishment to recognize that our acute ailments are not enemies to be warred against and suppressed, but elements of a beneficial scheme of Nature that should be assisted in their kindly efforts to rid the system of unwanted, life-threatening impurities. These warnings have gone unheeded, however, and powerful drugs are still commonly used to suppress our acute ailments - and the results speak for themselves. Dr. Harry Benjamin, a well-known, highly respected, and widely publicized Naturopathic writer, presents what is to me the most plausible reason why the human organism “ seems to have become more susceptible to degenerative diseases .” As he explains, . . . These methods [of treatment that suppress our acute ailments], instead of allowing the toxins and poisons in question to be readily ejected from the system - eliminated, that is - as Nature intends , and as the methods of Naturopathy allow, succeed only in forcing these same toxins and poisons farther back into the