Sugar - A Major Cause Of Immune Deficiency

Of all the factors in our modern world that are working against our immune defenses, sugar must surely be the worst. This totally unnatural product (I choose not to call it a food) causes more illness - and certainly more colds and flu - than perhaps any other product that civilization punishes itself with. When you see a child with a runny nose - think sugar - when you see someone sneezing - think sugar. When you hear someone coughing - think sugar. When you see someone laid up in bed with a red nose - think sugar. It may not be the primary cause in every case, but I would bet that sugar is a primary cause in most cases.
Some years ago researchers carried out a series of studies that examined how sugar consumption weakens the ability of white blood cells to destroy bacteria (germs). The results of this study showed that if a person eats no sugar for 12 hours, each white blood cell could destroy an average of 14 bacteria. When 24 teaspoons of sugar were consumed (the amount in a medium piece of cheesecake or a milk shake), the white blood cells were so compromised that they could only destroy an average of one bacterium each. Study the following chart carefully and then, whenever you sneeze, or cough, or have a runny nose, think back on your recent sugar consumption.
How Refined White Sugar Weakens Our White Blood Cell's
Ability To Destroy Bacteria
Teaspoons of Sugar
Number of Bacteria Destroyed
This Amount of Sugar is Found in...
1 Scoop of Ice Cream
1 Soft Drink
Less Than Half a Malted Drink
1 Sweet Cheesecake Slice
(Kijak. E.; Foust G; Steinman R.R.; Relationship of Blood Sugar Level and Leukocytic Phagacytosis; Southern California Dental Association 1964; 32(9):349-351)
Little wonder, therefore, that enlightened researchers are saying what they are saying about the dangers of refined white sugar - and of this denatured product's ability to compromise the immune system...
"If only a fraction of what is already known about the effects of sugar were to be revealed in relation to any other food additive, this material would promptly be banned." (Dr J. Yudkin., Sweet and Dangerous, New York: Bantam, 1972, p.5)
"White sugar is the curse of the civilized world." (Dr. Michael Sharon, Complete Nutrition, p.29)
"Refined sugar, divorced from its associates, is one of the tragedies of our civilized diet. This is the result of scientific tampering with one of Nature's products.' `Sugar is mineral hungry - it robs the system of its vital organic salts, thereby causing, or laying the foundation for, many serious and distressing diseases. Reliable tests show that the discontinuance of the use of sugar reduces the frequency of adenoiditis and tonsillitis amongst children almost one hundred percent. Honey [raw or natural] is an excellent substitute; in fact, it is the natural sweet. Refined sugar [white and brown] is unnatural; it is artificial and wholly harmful in whatever way it is taken. Honey supplies heat and energy; its use should be encouraged to satisfy a natural desire for sweet things. Fruits and vegetables contain all the sugar, in its very best form, that the system requires." (George Teasdale, Nature Heals!, pp.16, 61)
Those who follow the Nature's Way program will be amazed at the improvement in their vitality. By following the program, your immune defenses will be reinforced and colds and flu will soon become ailments of the past.
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